Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dozens of Questionably "Pro-Israel" Contributors

J Street's exec Jeremy Ben-Ami was recently asked in an interview about Arab-American and Iranian-American contributors to the organization.

“J Street does have some Arab and Muslim donors — about five,” Ben-Ami said. “These are individuals, not organizations, corporations or foreign countries. Well over 90 percent of our money comes from Jewish Americans and Christians.”

By Ben-Ami's admission, some ten percent of the funds for the purported "pro-Israel" organization comes from individuals who are certainly not "pro-Israel." Ten percent of J Street's annual budget comes to the very impressive amount of $300,000.

And there are many more than just "five." Below is a partial list taken from the U.S. Federal Elections Commission records of Arab and Muslim Americans and Iranian-Americans who contribute to J Street's Political Action Committee. There are dozens.

Ahmed Abdelsalam
Richard Abdoo, Leader of the Arab American Institute (AAI)
Rebecca Abou Chedid, Former Government Affairs director at the AAI
Wagih Abu-Rish, Arab American Community Coalition
Nidal Ayyat, from Dhahran Saudi Arabia
Theodore Kattouf, Former US ambassador, President of AMIDEAST
Ziad Khatib, Contributor to ANERA
Zahi Khouri Major Palestinian businessman, PADICO, Coca Cola franchise
Genevieve Lynch, Board member of NIAC, the Iranian lobby
Nabil Sater, Contributor to Arab American Leadership Council PAC
Magdi Badawy, “Stop the Occupation” activist
Farhan Bhatti, PR Director at an Islamic Center
Jerjis Alajaji, Graduate of American University of Beirut
Ali G. Adumaini, Saudi Arabia
Rajai Hakki, Syrian American. Blogs at “Arab-American Warrior Prince”
Ali Hasbani
Farhad Imam

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Profile of J Street PAC Contributor, Ray Close

Ray Close
  • Former CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia, serving over 20 years.

  • Business partner of Kamal Adham, former head of Saudi intelligence.

  • Father of Kenneth Close, registered foreign agent for the Saudis in Washington.

  • Last contribution to J Street PAC, $50 June 9, 2009.

  • Advocate for the "Saudi Peace Plan" for the Middle East.

  • Defender of Chas Freeman. Claims a "neo-con cabal" is trying to control Washington.