Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Profile of J Street PAC Contributor and Advisory Board Member, Judith Barnett

Judith Barnett
  • Director of the Barnett Group, a trade consulting company in Washington that she began in 2003.

  • Registered with the U.S. Justice Department as a foreign agent for Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

      • Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce in the Clinton Administration.

      • Author of a Washington Post article in 2004, A Mind-Bending Venture Into Saudi Gender Politics, in which Barnett painted a rosy picture of the misogynist Saudi Arabia.

      • One of the first contributors to the J Street PAC.


      1. This is simply wrong. Judith Barnett is not a registered agent for Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Many years ago Judith did a trade and investment project for the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry and had been asked to do a WOMEN'S PROJECT for Saudi Arabia, but the project was not implemented. She was registered years ago on these very worthy projects.

      2. This is a very rude and slanderous attempt to undermine the valiant efforts of J Street -- not mention extremely un-mensch-like behavior following Yom Kippur.

        Intelligent commentary would be acceptable but your blog demonstrates frank disrespect (and poor fact-checking!!)